Your Comfort Zone is not Serving you – Tips to Leaving your Comfort Zone

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What is the relationship between the successful life you desire and your comfort zone? In this article, I will be discussing why your comfort zone is not serving you.

In my opinion, a comfort zone is that state or position where you feel relaxed and contented about what you do or have. For instance, you could be a teacher working in a small school, but because you earn money enough to pay your house rent and take care of some needs, you feel satisfied and contented, such that you wouldn’t want to look for another job

Another scenario is such that you are pleased with where you are and wouldn’t want to go seeking a better opportunity. Safe to say, you are comfortable enough, not to desire trying something new. This is one of the reason for failure, poverty and lack in the society.

Since we have established that one of the causes of failure, poverty and lack is one’s inability to leave their comfort zone, then, we should be able to find a way out.

It starts first from reconditioning your mind and getting your perspective right. What you become or how successful or how much money you earn is largely dependent on your mindset. Your belief system plays a major role in shaping what you become in life. It is therefore safe to conclude that your success or failure is proportional to your belief or conviction. In essence, you need to start believing in yourself and the possibility of achieving success.

Every success achieved is driven by something greater on the inside. At this point, I will like to ask you a very simple question. What is your driving force? (What is your WHY). The compelling nature of a driving force keeps you dissatisfied with your current status or position. This is the kind of drive you need to propel you to action.

To leave your comfort zone, you must then develop the desire and passion for a better status. Do not be satisfied with what you do or have, rather you should believe there is a better status, higher level, higher income etc. and aspire to surpass it. This should form the basis for your success in life

Having said this, I hope you will start from this minute by first believing in yourself and the fact that you deserve a better life. Take deliberate and conscious steps towards leaving your comfort zone, because there is a better life than where you currently are. Truth is, you must be dissatisfied with where you are right now, in order to get to a higher level. This is the force that will drive or propel you to leave your comfort zone. Go out there and try something new, take that course, read that book, start that business, start living…Do it afraid.

Like many of my articles, I hope this one has given you the impetus you need to leave you comfort zone and become a better you

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