About me

Stephen Adetolu is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer. He is passionate about helping individuals tap into their inner power, so that they can maximize their potential and lead a life of purpose, dominion and abundance.

Take 100% Responsibility for your life

Most of the successful people I have come across or read about became very successful because they took 100% responsility for their life.

My name is Stephen Adetolu, a husband, father married to a wonder woman and blessed with lovely children.

I am an advocate of Personal Growth and Leadership Development. You see, over the last 15 years, I have come to realize that life happens by design (your design).

Here is what I mean, the creator made and empowered you to be productive, fruitful, dominate and subdue. In essence, there would be challenges and difficulties on your way to attaining those goals.

But the good news is that you were designed to overcome! You cannot become without overcoming…

Overcoming what?

The everyday challenges you encounter in life (relationship, business, finances, job, economy etc.) are meant to strengthen and ultimately lead you to your goal, do you have a goal?

You know what they say about obstacles? Well, it depends on how you see or take them. Life is all about taking responsibility for yourself and what you become.

The creator made you for a purpose, but in fulfilling your purpose, you will have to encounter and overcome obstacles (these obstacles come in diverse forms and shapes).

There is no success without a fight…the fight could be physical, emotional, financial, marital, or material, the list is endless…

This is how I came up with the name for this website, which is PERSONAL GROWTH AND LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT! I am passionate about seeing other people live a successful and fulfilled life. Remember I said earlier that there is no success without a fight?

Well, this website was created to equip and empower you to win the battles of life. Yes, you are in a battle…

You will find resources and tools inside the Personal Growth website that are designed to empower your mind. It is a known fact that your mind is the biggest battle field of life. Whatever you are able to conceive in your mind is achievable. The process of becoming starts in the mind! This is why I am interested in empowering your mind.

I will help you become what you were created to be…by enriching your mind with the right dosage of resources you need for victory! Remember, life is a battle. Success or failure, the choice is yours to make!

Constantly exposing your mind to positive principles will give you an edge in the battle of life.

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but to live without a purpose…success is not defined by physical or material possession, but by your ability to achieve your purpose…This is what I intend to achieve here, to help you live a successful and fulfilled life…

It is about helping you take personal responsibility for your life, letting you know that you are accountable for what you become!

Quit the blame game, and take charge of your life.

I am optimistic that if you read, digest and act on the principles I will be sharing on this website, your life will be transformed for the better. I am confident about this because, the principles shared are proven and tested over the years. I dedicate sufficient time to researching and churning out what is factual, real and workable. I am in the business of adding value to your life…

Besides, I will be sharing proven and practical lessons from my personal experience

I encourage you to fight the good fight of life and finish well. After all, it is about finishing well. I will give you all the resources you need to live purposely…

What is your purpose in life?

Visit this website often and make sure, you do not leave without grasping something valuable…I will advise you to make it your daily ritual for transformational lessons. Be an advocate of Personal Success and share the principles you have learnt with your family, friends and loved ones. Invite them to experience what you feel. Bring them to this website and let us fulfil purpose together…

I look forward to having you share your thoughts, views, experiences or better still connect with me for partnership.

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To your Success,


Stephen Adetolu

You were designed, equipped and empowered to be successful.

Stephen Adetolu