Salary Alone will not make you Wealthy

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My friend George attended a seminar organized by his company; it was an eye opener for me, with lots of lessons learnt. Today, I want to share an article he gave me about salary and its long term effect on your future. I hope you will grasp something new from it. Happy reading:

Research had it that the poorest groups of people in the world are salary earners, next are beggars. They live in a vicious cycle of poverty, Managed on a 30-day cycle, salary is continuously being awaited every month and any slight delay brings about heart-breaking anxiety, pressure and disappointment.

Salary alone cannot solve your money problems. You need multiple sources of income to balance. The tax return form contains about 11 income streams, of which salary is just one… Don’t live Life fishing with just one hook; there are many fishes in the ocean.

Salary is the MEDICINE for managing POVERTY, not to CURE it. Only your BUSINESS or INVESTMENT Cures Poverty!

Most investors are not salary earners

The difference between those beggars on the street and salary earners is one month salary. Truncate the flow of their salary for one month and you would realize that majority belong to the lower class. If you divide your salary by the rate of exchange, you will discover that you are poorer, relative to when you started work.

Or divide your salary per annum by 2,000 hours to know what your one hour is worth. If you do not have three months’ salary in savings, you are already poor. Being a salary earner is a mentality, BREAK IT!!!

Your worth is far more than your salary

Salary is the value someone has put on your effort. How much do you value yourself? You can’t increase in value, unless you value yourself differently.

Life is a trade-off between time, effort and reward. To be rewarded more, you have to become more valuable. Most salary earners end up poor in the long and short term.

I therefore urge every one of us to be FINANCIALLY INTELLIGENT, FINANCIALLY LITERATE and OPEN OUR EYES TO SEE OPPORTUNITIES IN PROBLEMS. Delve into entrepreneurship because salary is a lifetime disappointment.

Being a Salary Earner or Investor is a decision.

Life will not change until you decide. Make the move!!!

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