Stop Imitating Others – You Have a Unique Assignment

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Do you know that imitating others will mask your identity?

I have always maintained that God created you for a unique purpose or assignment. How do I know this?

Well, have you noticed that know two persons have the same innert abilities? People may look alike, but it has never been established that any two persons have the same DNA profile.

You are UNIQUE! There can only be you.

Given this truth, it establishes that you are gifted with unque abilities for the purpose of fulfilling a specific assignment on earth.

If you were not needed, you wouldn’t be here.

But, it is unfortunate that many people have lost their identity by way of imitating others. I mean, trying to be like another person.

Imitating others simply means that your uniqueness is lost and you will be unable to fulfill your makers’ assignment.

Meanwhile, the only assurance of a happy and fulfilled life is when you know your purpose and fulffill it.

Your uniqueness is meant to stand you out in every sphere of life. But by imitating others you lost out completely this attribute.

While it is not a bad idea to learn from other people,imitating and trying to be like them is where the problem lies.

Some one once said, if you don’t plan your life, you will live someone esles’s plan and they will take you to a destination that you wouldn’t like.

This explains why many people are living frustrated and unhappy lives.

I am hoping this blog post will awaken you to the reality of your purpose on earth. You have a specific assignment and you were eqipped for it.

One of the ways you can unlock your uniqueness is by becoming aware of your purpose on earth (why you are here).

Discovering your purpose will help you align your natural ability, giftings, passion, interest, etc such that there is a synergy of those towards the fulfillment of your assignement on earth.

This is how you gain personal mastery and become the best that God created you to be.

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