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Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners – Lazy but Profitable Way to win as an Affiliate Marketer in 2024

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I have been an online affiliate marketer for some years now and the success has been resounding. I have a 9-5 job, but my quest for additional income led me to embracing affiliate marketing. In this article, I will be sharing some of my effective affiliate marketing tips for beginners in 2024.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where the owner of a product or service decides to share their revenue with an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing business model can be operated online and offline. I chose the online model because of it’s reach. You are not restricted by location on the internet.

An affiliate marketer is that person who sends traffic to the owner’s product or service, if the customer buys, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.

I promote quite a lot of products and services, but, over 80% of my focus is on digital products.

Why Digital Products

While you can promote both physical and digital products, I concentrate more on digital products in my affiliate marketing business because the commission on digital products is usually higher than physical ones.

Digital product can fetch you as high as 80% commission on every successful sale.

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Some Profitable Niches

In a bid to maximize my time and effort, I will usually focus my marketing effort on these niches

  • Make money/Finance/Business
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationship and Dating

There are hundreds of niches, but I focus on these 3 because they are ever green-and there thousand of people who are willing to pay money in those niches.

The other reason is that I am passionate about those niches, especially the make money, finance and business market.

Indicators to look out for

When choosing a niche or market to focus on in your affiliate marketing business, I will advise you to consider the following;

  • Your passion and interest
  • Availability of other hot-selling products in the niche
  • Presence of ever-green problems in the niche
  • People’s readiness to buy or pay for products or services in the niche

The list I have provided is by no means exhaustive, those are my personal take

How to promote affiliate products

There is no one-size fit all strategy to promoting an affiliate marketing product or service. But you must understand the principle of getting as many customers to visit the owner’s website.

The more customers you get to the owner’s business, the more you are likely to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

I deploy the following strategies and they have proven to be very successful over time.

  • List building – I build a list of people who are interested in a specific niche and get to recommend affiliate products to them. I often offer to give them free products or services (those that complement the offers am promoting).

  • Social media – social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube) have proven to be very effective source of traffic. Research has shown that Billions of people converge on each of these social media platforms on a daily basis. This is why I deploy them in my traffic generation strategy

  • Blogging – I love to blog about the things I do. One of such is the blog you are reading now. In the course of blogging, I recommend some of the affiliate products I have used and found valuable to my readers.

Some affiliate marketing networks

  1. Clickbank
  2. Amazon
  3. Expertnaire
  4. Saler
  5. There are lots more

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This is a summary of my affiliate marketing strategy and I believe that it will help you build an effective and profitable affiliate marketing business in 2024

Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners – Lazy but Profitable Way to win as an Affiliate Marketer in 2024 Read More »