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Designed for success podcast is your daily dose of inspiration to help you discover your purpose, grow and reach your full potential.


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Stephen Adetolu is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Coach, Speaker & Trainer. I am passionate about helping people discover their purpose, grow and reach their full potential. Designed for Success Podcast was inspired by God to serve as a daily dose of inspiration to listeners for the purpose of equipping and empowering them to take control of their lives, lead a fulfilled and abundant life.

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How to Leverage your Uniqueness

Are you not surprised that you are the only person on earth with your type of DNA, Finger print, etc? Why do you think God designed you this way? 

God didn’t make a mistake,  He designed you with unique abilities,  gifts, talents, etc. For a specific purpose or assignment. 
 There is an element of uniqueness in your abilities,  such that when properly harnessed will stand you out among the over 7 billion people on earth. 

There is a unique solution imbedded in your abilities. 

 Episode 27    |    31min

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Stephen Adetolu

Stephen Adetolu

Stephen Adetolu is a transformational coach helping people on how to achieve what they really want more quickly and easily. He is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Coach, Speaker and Trainer. He adapts faith-based solution to problematic issues of life. He is a sought after transformational speaker across the world.

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