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My name is Stephen Adetolu, I am a Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Consultant, Customer Service and a Home Based Online Entrepreneur. I have been running various online businesses for over 10 years now, although on a part time basis!

I am happily married and blessed with three (3) lovely children.

Online or home based internet business is one of the best things God made available to the human race…that is for those who know it!

I spend between 2-4 hours per day on my online business and still earn passive income every month. If you understand the principle or concept behind online businesses, then you are in for the reward.

I have seen a lot of scam all over the internet, where criminal minded persons rip innocent individuals off their hard earned money; I guess this explained why you are sceptical about venturing into any online business…right?

Let down your fears, because this is the main reason why I created this blog…for people like you! I am sure, that by the Grace of the Almighty, if you are committed, stay glued to this blog and maintain an open mind, you will find goldmine for a business on the internet…Trust me on this!!!

If you are looking for legitimate ways to earn and make money online, then I encourage you to open up your mind and be ready to take action!

I am for REAL…Are you?

Throughout this blog, I will be reviewing and sharing some of the best online businesses in the world.  Rest assured that everything I share with you here is guaranteed to earn you sustainable passive or residual income. This is because; I am also participating in it. I will not share what doesn’t work!!!

My philosophy is hinged on the principle that if you must succeed in life, you must be ready to help enough other people…my mother taught me that!

I love freedom and the desire to earn money on a passive basis is my GOAL! Salary will never make you rich or wealthy…No matter how much time you invest into it, it is not scalable like an online business.

My quest for FREEDOM and PASSIVE INCOME is what attracted me to the internet and so far, the Almighty has been faithful.

Unlike your regular brick and mortal businesses out there, I mean offline businesses, Online home based businesses…

  • Do not require huge capital
  • In most cases, very little or no capital is needed to start
  • You don’t need office space or inventory (unnecessary overhead cost)
  • No experience is required (most times zero experience)
  • You can work from anywhere in the world (even inside your bedroom)
  • You can earn or generate recurring or passive income
  • The list endless

I am making money online doing and getting involved with credible businesses and organizations around the world, hence, I will be reviewing and sharing some of them with you on this blog.

Mind you, I created this blog to share my experiences and also introduce you to the businesses that are working for me.

If you are truly desirous of making decent money online by either working full or part time, then, this is the right place to be! Because I will help you make the right choice in terms of concept and principles that work! Safe to say therefore, the days of your confusion and frustration are over!

Let me therefore welcome you to a NEW DAWN of Home Based Online Entrepreneur!!!

By following and partnering with me, you will avoid all the pitfalls usually associated with people who are starting any online business; this implies that you will not waste much time and money like other beginners! You will be leaning on my experience and expert advice.

You will never be scammed again!!!…mind you; scamming is as a result of greed on your part. How can someone sell you a proposition that promises to make you rich over night or by simple press of a button? How on earth is that possible, yet innocent people fall for this kind of gimmick every day!

I do not associate myself with any get-rich-quick or make money overnight programs! Hence, I do not recommend same to you!


All the businesses, I will be reviewing and sharing with you are Genuine, Legitimate and Credible!

Welcome once again to the life of a Home Based Online Entrepreneur.

Partner with me and let us make passive income on the internet together…

I currently have a full time job that I love so much, but dedicate a couple of my time (2-4 hours per day) to service my online business…More like making money with my HOBBY at MY SPARE TIME!!!

To your Ultimate Success

Stephen Adetolu

Stephen A.

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